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Watching the peaks

Our company is zero emissions and our commitment is unequivocal, supporting small businesses and being sustainable.

What we offer

CDS is mainly engaged in providing filming, inspection, surveillance, and control with drone platforms. We are specialized in the following services:


Surveillance and security

Supporting local police with our drones (surveillance and team training).​ We use the latest technology in drones, the Matrice 30T, equipped with a thermal camera and 200 x zoom.



Thermography applied to the building

and solar energy, with drones or with a portable camera.




Inspection of buildings, facades, and roofs. We use the Mavic 3E as a more advanced tool to carry out inspections.

With what we work


With a thermal sensor of 128 × 96 pixels, MSX® (dynamic multispectral imaging), a visual camera of 5 megapixels, and an LED flashlight.

Portable thermographic camera



Our aim is to be a 100% sustainable company, both our transport and batteries and IT equipment used during services are powered by a connected battery to a solar panel.

Sustainable solar battery


The smallest of the family but also the most versatile. With a 4k video camera, wide angle lens, propeller guard, and parachute for this model.

Filming drone

DJI Mini 3 Pro


DJI Mavic 3E

Filming and inspection drone

This year we have incorporated a new drone specialized in filming and inspection, the DJI Mavic 3E, with 52x zoom and wide-angle CMOS4/3, and in this model we also incorporate the RTK module.


It offers a maximum flight time of 41 minutes, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and a complete drone management and review system along with a powerful thermal camera

Surveillance and security drone

DJI Matrix 30T

captura luz _edited.jpg

Mavic 3E

Spotlight 36W 3600lm with Colorful Strobe Light For DJI Mavic 3E/3T.

In our commitment to provide an increasingly better and complete service, we have decided to incorporate a 3600-lumen focus into one of our drones.

Thank you!

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