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Creation of units with drones
to the Town Halls and local police

Our main goal is to support you with our team in the training of local police in the use of drones as a control and surveillance platform for their municipalities. To do this we have the latest technology in drones, the DJI MAtrice 30T with thermal camera included.


A first theoretical phase of introduction to unmanned aerial vehicles and current legislation.


A second phase introducing the systems used by drones in tasks related to local police, RGB cameras, thermographic cameras, tracking systems, etc.


A third practice phase, putting the drones into operation, flight, maintenance and real field flights (for this phase you need to obtain the corresponding certificates beforehand).


Advice throughout the process in obtaining permits and mandatory manuals.


​Support with our drone during the training phase prior to obtaining a definitive unit.

DFR Drone First Responder

This new service is based on the use of drones as a first intervention before the patrol arrives. The drones can arrive at the scene in a matter of minutes and through the camera send the information to the control center and inform the officers. This service is very useful to avoid unnecessary interventions or to provide very valuable information before the patrol arrives, such as whether the suspects are carrying weapons or not. The DFR service has been branded in the US for over  10 years Catalonia Drone Support advises local police to implement this service.

Access control, capacity
and traffic controls with drones

The flight from high altitude makes it possible to detect infractions such as talking on the mobile while driving, or not respecting traffic signs.

On the other hand, it is much easier to control the influx of people and the capacity of a specific area from the air. Information is passed directly to the control center through DJI's Flyhub systems.

Control and surveillance
of illegal plantations

The fact that the drone has an almost complete view from a single point and that it has a thermal chamber,  allows it to detect homes with a high temperature or an unusual concentration of air conditioning devices. Two of the unequivocal signs that there may be some kind of cultivation.

Fire control in forest areas

The ability of the thermal camera immediately locates the foci of heat in forest areas, as well as allowing the tracking of animals or people who are in the area at that time.

Creation of 3D models
of traffic accidents

In a matter of minutes we can deploy a drone, take some photographs of the scene and create a 3D model of the scene where the accident occurred. In approximately 30 minutes we have the model done.

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